Mission Statement

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) strives to provide the faculty and staff assistance in all aspects of the research administration of their externally funded research.

To that end, OSR:

  1. serves as an agent of the University to provide checks and balances related to compliance of federal, state, and University policies and regulations
  2. protects researchers from possible consequences of non-compliance issues by establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with both internal and external customers
  3. informs research faculty and staff of new regulations and sponsor requirements by creating user-friendly policies and procedures, maintaining an up-to-date website, and communicating sponsor updates on a timely basis and
  4. provides the University with knowledgeable, accessible and hard-working staff committed to providing the best customer service to those navigating the complexities of sponsored research.

Principal Functions

  • Proposal Management
  • Award Management
  • Reporting and Cash Management
  • F&A rate development, negotiation, and review
  • Cost analysis and research service center (recharge) rate development
  • Time and effort reporting monitoring and oversight
  • Research Applications and Operations
  • Data analysis and reporting on research and sponsored programs
  • Oversight of regulatory compliance
  • Training and development for all personnel involved in research administration

Areas Within the Office of Sponsored Research

General Administration:

This area is responsible for providing the oversight for the OSR. Functions include policy and procedure development, working with the campus community on research related topics, communications and reporting both internally and externally on sponsored research issues, institutional research administration guidance and administrative support for the OSR. A campus OSR Advisory Committee advises the AVCR on all research and sponsored program activities. The Office of Clinical Trials is an integral part of the OSR.

Research Administration:

Serving as the official institutional signatory for the Chancellor, this area reviews and authorizes proposal submissions and negotiates and administers awards on behalf of the University. Activities include monitoring institutional compliance with terms and conditions of grant or contracts, re-budgeting of expenditures, pre-audit of expenditures for research activity, billing and financial reporting, cash management, verifying technical report submission by PIs and closeout of the awards.  This area is responsible for the ecrt (Effort Certification Reporting Technology) oversight. This functions monitors payroll effort and reporting on research and other sponsored program activities

Cost Analysis:

The area conducts all costing studies for the institution, including research expenditures and facility utilization for the preparation and negotiation of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rate proposal. This function reviews and approves all recharge center activities and oversees the Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement (DS-2) for the University. Other reporting and cost studies are completed on an ad-hoc basis.

Training and Development:

This area conducts assessments for procedures that will assure the highest-level professionalism in research administration. Specific training is offered to the research community utilizing expertise from both internal and external resources. Training areas include: proposal development, fiscal operations, cost accounting standards, recharge centers, RAMSeS, budgeting principles and cost sharing/matching, and roles and responsibilities of research – faculty, departmental administrators, central administration, and other areas of sponsored programs administration.