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RAM Reports were developed through a partnership with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Information Technology Services (ITS) to provide an improved tool to manage sponsored project financials.

RAM Reports provides both campus and central offices with the same view of financial data to improve transparency and streamline processes with sponsored projects financial monitoring and reporting. Click on the icon below to go to RAM Reports.

picture of Ram Reports

Last updated: 10/25/2022

What are RAM Reports?

RAM Reports deliver financial information via an enhanced reporting tool and offer a more robust experience managing sponsored projects financials. The information in RAM Reports is pulled just as Infoporte, directly from ConnectCarolina and RAMSeS and data is one day behind what you see in ConnectCarolina. Future enhancements to add functionality to RAM Reports are already in progress to further assist in this endeavor.

Highlights of RAM Reports:

  • provides intuitive navigation and ease of searching,
  • easy to view and read report formats,
  • access to both project and award financials,
  • ability to drill into detailed expense transactions, and
  • all reports are downloadable to Excel

Personnel Monthly – Current month now split between posted salary and project salary

NEW Personnel Totals Tab


NEW Personnel Monthly Tab

NEW Monthly Report Tab

  • The new “Monthly Report” tab is available on award and project summary pages.
  • Can pull either Summary or Detail reports as PDF or CSV
  • RAM Reports Monthly Report Tab

NEW Personnel Views with Personnel Tab

  • The new “Personnel” tab is available on award and project summary pages.
  • RAM Reports Personnel Tab on Summary Page
  • The Tab presents personnel expense data that can be filtered by category
  • RAM Reports Personnel Tab Filters
  • The amount for each entry links to the transaction details
  • RAM Reports Personnel Tab Links to Transaction Data

Note: The RAM reports Personnel tab is currently designed and intended to provide a listing of Salaries, Fringe Benefits, and Stipends paid from the award or the project depending on the view selected. It is not currently designed to display budgeted or projected salaries, fringe, or stipends.

NEW Accounts Receivable Views with access to AR Reports

  • New Award “AR” tab provides a summary list of all invoices
  • RAM Reports Award AR Tab
  • AR Invoice views will include direct links to attachments in the RAMSeS Billing Tab
  • RAM Reports AR Invoice Tab

Direct Link to ConnectCarolina (CC) Voucher Summary Page

  • In Transaction Details, a direct link to CC voucher attachments is available
  • RAM Reports Transaction Detail Direct Link
  • Reminder: attachments are only available in CC for 90 days

Formatting Updates

  • Changes to the header information view on all reports
  • Financial info layout also now presents Account Category subtotals
  • RAM Reports Formatting Changes image

Last updated: 10/25/2022

How do I access RAM Reports?

Go the and login with your Onyen credentials. On the very first time only, you will need to accept the terms of use conditions before entering the tool.

Who has access to view financial information in RAM Reports?

Campus users with a valid Onyen will be able to login to RAM Reports and view all project/award data.

How can I provide feedback or request more functionality for the tool?

Click on the “Give Feedback” tab on the OSP RAM Reports webpage and submit your feedback or enhancement request.

How can I correct a budget on a project?

Contact if you believe budget has been incorrectly loaded on a project. If you need to revise a budget, please submit a OSP Budget Revision Form.

Does the Cost-Share category show all cost-share for the award or project I am viewing?

No, cost-share transactions that display in RAM Reports are only UNC entered cost-share.

Why is the Voucher ID for a transaction not linking to the ConnectCarolina page?

All vouchers are deleted from ConnectCarolina after 90 days, so if the voucher is over 90 days there will be no link in the RAM Report.

Why do I not see my invoices in RAMSeS?

  • If the invoice was a Letter of Credit (LOC), then there will be no invoice in RAMSeS.
  • If the invoice is older than November 2017, it may not be in there, you can email for assistance.
  • If the invoice is was issued in the past 5 business days, it may not be in there, you can email for assistance.

Why cannot I not see the AR tab in my project search?

The AR tab is only available on the Award pages, it will not show up on the Project pages.

What is the difference in Personnel Totals and Personnel Monthly?

Personnel Totals show the breakout of Salary and Fringe for both posted payment and projected payments.

Personnel Monthly show the total for each person listed on the project for past, current and future months.

Do the personnel tabs show all personnel assigned to that project?

If you are viewing the Award level data, then the personnel tabs show all personnel listed on the project.

If you are viewing Project specific data, then these tabs show information only for personnel associated with that specific project.

Last updated: 03/31/2020

Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Help

If you need assistance with a sponsored project transaction/request, please refer to the OSP Contact page for a list of all OSP email contacts and/or the OSP ServiceNow page for assistance submitting a help ticket. In general, if you have a request for a ConnectCarolina budget override, you want to submit a help ticket via ServiceNow (routed to OSP-Help) and most other general sponsored projects requests are sent to

Information Technology Services (ITS) Help

If you have technical issues using RAM Reports (i.e., financial info not downloading to Excel or hyperlinks not clickable or going to the correct page), please submit a help ticket via ServiceNow.

RAM Reports Feedback and Suggestions Form

  • Please use this form to share your feedback and suggestions for future functionality. Your comments are important in helping us to continue to improve this tool.

    NOTE - If you have any questions or issues about information on a RAM Reports, please reach out to OSP and reference our Contact page for help directing your inquiry. If you are having technical difficulties with the tool, please submit a help ticket with ITS.

  • Feedback let's us know about your experience using the reports and an Enhancement Request let's us know what other features and functionalities you would like the tool to have in the future.