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Use icons to reinforce the message of the publication and create visual interest. Do not use them on every form of communication and be consistent with the imagery.

Keep the icons and illustrations flat, without gradients or shadows as they add a false sense of depth. Please use the 48 icons below. If there isn’t an icon from the ones already created that will best suit your content, please contact UNC Research Communications Office’s graphic designer, Corina Cudebec, with your icon request.

  • Imagery should be simple and easily recognized
  • Icons can appear in any of the brand colors
  • Do not squeeze text inside of the icons
  • Do not overlap icons
  • Do not add drop shadows to icons
  • Do not outline or add strokes to the icons

Image showing 48 icons. From top left to bottom right, icons are lightbulb, speech bubble, quotation mark, group of three people, magnifying glass, profile of human head with a brain in it, paint bucket, film roll, music, connection web, wifi icon, world wide web globe, data cloud, location marker, globe, stopwatch, hourglass, planet, microscope, chemistry beaker, virus, DNA strand, Nuclear atom, health sign in a circle, pill, heart with a plus next to it, organizational ribbon, reward ribbon, miscellaneous cog, wrench, dollar sign in a circle, piggy bank with a coin going into it, graph, open hand, hamburger, apple, sun, water droplet, leaf, key, lock, magnet, beach ball, check-mark in a circle, x-mark in a circle, outline of North Carolina, Tarheel foot, and the old well.


In the links below, they are only represented in the color formation that you see here (Carolina blue, with navy and white). If you would like them in other colors, please feel free to use the “Print Versions” and change them in adobe illustrator however you need. If you are unsure of how to do so, please contact Corina Cudebec with your request.


If you have any questions pertaining to the branding of UNC Research or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, please contact Corina Cudebec.