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SOP 4801, section 2.4.2, stated that disclosure of a pregnancy to the child’s parent should occur when the adolescent is 12 years of age or younger. This is not consistent with state law or clinical practice.

Section 2.4.2 of SOP 4801 has been revised to remove the reference to disclosure of pregnancy to a minor’s parents if the child is 12 years or younger. The revised SOP now states:

Disclosure of a pregnancy to the child’s parent should occur when:

  • The adolescent agrees to the disclosure or;
  • The adolescent appears to not understand what is happening or becomes emotionally dysregulated after hearing that they are pregnant (i.e., they do not seem in control of their emotional state or are stating that they are a danger to themselves or others) or;
  • The adolescent discloses that they may be in physical danger from their partner or someone else due to the pregnancy.

Section 2.8 of SOP 4801 pertaining to recommended consent form language has been revised to be consistent with the revision above and therefore removes the statement that there will be disclosure of pregnancy to minor’s legal guardian if the minor is 12 years or younger.

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