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Decommission of PI Dashboard

In an effort to streamline the sources of financial data for sponsored projects, the PI Dashboard in Infoporte will be decommissioned effective January 10, 2023.

PI Dashboard was conceived as a reporting tool to assist campus administrators and faculty investigators with a high-level review of financial and personnel funding data on sponsored projects. Since its implementation, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Information Technology Systems (ITS) collaboratively developed a more robust and detailed reporting tool for managing sponsored project financials with the release of RAM Reports.

Transition to RAM Reports

RAM Reports provide access to the same award data found in PI Dashboard with improved functionality such as drilling into transaction details and allowing users easy hyperlink access to related ConnectCarolina and RAMSeS data. Any user with an active onyen who annually accepts the Terms of use for University Administrative Systems Policy can access RAM Reports. Included below is a a viewable comparison of key features in RAM Reports and the benefits of using it for sponsored projects financial reporting.

Learn even more about what RAM Reports have to offer on the RAM Reports webpage and guidance document. Importantly, OSP and ITS continuously strive to provide enhanced functionality in RAM Reports and welcome user feedback. We encourage all to provide recommendations for RAM Reports using the feedback form.


Benefits of Using RAM Reports

Improved Search Features

Provides several search methods to find sponsored project information, including by Principal Investigator (PI) as offered in PI Dashboard.

RAM Reports Image

Ease of Navigation

Users can navigate views of overall award information and transactions versus projects in an intuitive and easy manner.

RAM Reports Image

View Personnel Details

Offers several personnel reporting options, including projected salaries and access to expenditures for all individuals down to the specific transaction.

RAM Reports Image
RAM Reports Image

View Expense, Projection, and Transaction Details

Provides detailed financial expenditures and projections across all categories and includes hyperlinks to transaction details in ConnectCarolina or RAMSeS.

RAM Reports Image
RAM Reports Image


My Resources in RAM Reports

Users can access RAM Reports personalized reporting feature called “My Resources” to display a summary of award information based on their pre-mapped roles within RAMSeS. For example, a PI can navigate to My Resources and view a high-level summary of all their awards and then click on any individual award or project to view the detailed level of information as highlighted above.

RAM Reports Image


For questions on sponsored projects, please contact

For questions on RAM Reports, please refer to Get Help of the RAM Reports webpage.

For questions on PI Dashboard prior to decommission, please submit a ServiceNow request.

For questions on this announcement, please contact

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