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A message to the research community on research compliance

Recruitment of subjects for research is paramount to the success of the study. To that end, recruitment materials typically include ways to contact the investigator or the research team and will, oftentimes, use email as a contact method.

Email accounts used to conduct the business of the University require that appropriate security, backup, and records-retention measures be in place to comply with N.C. statutes concerning public records. These measures are to ensure the integrity and accessibility of records and the security of sensitive University information that may be sent or received via email.

To help ensure this requirement is met, the University has developed policy specifically targeted to the use of Individual Email Addresses.

The use of non-UNC email accounts is prohibited unless an exception is authorized in writing by the following:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Authorized delegates of those listed above

There are alternatives to the use of individual email accounts/addresses. For instance, your department IT group can assist in setting up a research email account specific to the study. Investigators may also submit a ticket to the Help Desk requesting a research email account.

Questions may be sent to:

This message is sponsored by: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

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