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Beginning 5/6/2021, IRBIS will be updated to include some changes that will allow for more streamlined PI changes and personnel modifications.

1. PI Change process

In order to change the PI on a study, a full study modification must be submitted. Instead of obtaining signatures from the “outgoing” PI and the “incoming” PI on a form, both PI’s will be required to certify the submission in IRBIS. This change removes the requirement to obtain signatures and upload the attachment.

2. Personnel Modifications

The Personnel Modification submission type will allow for personnel modifications to be processed outside of the regular submission pipeline. It is the intent to provide a quicker review of personnel changes since they will not longer be reviewed in conjunction with other study changes.

For studies that do not have a submission started (in draft, routing, or under review) as of this date will have this modification type available beginning Thursday morning.

If you have an active submission, this modification type will be available after the current submission is finalized. There is no need to contact us to activate the Personnel Modification for you as it will be an automatic change.


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