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Updates were made to Social Security (OASDI) Maximum Taxable Salary Base and Maximum Contribution, Compensation Limits Subject to Retirement (TSERS & ORP), UNC Faculty Physicians (FP) Supplemental and Dental Insurance.

Please refer to the Fringe Benefit memo, updated Schedule I & II and Information Sheet to appropriately determine personnel benefits in proposals.

SCHEDULE I Fringe Benefits Health Insurance
Permanent Employee 25.889% $6,512.00
Post-Doctoral Appointee 9.490% $4,808.76
Graduate Students 9.490% $4,137.60
Graduate Students (with FICA exemption) 1.840% $4,137.60
Undergraduate Students (with FICA exemption) 1.840%
SCHEDULE II (Additional Benefits) Fringe Benefits Health Insurance
F&P Member – Permanent Employee 4.907% $2,003.16


Please contact your department’s assigned OSR Sponsored Projects Specialist with questions on applying these rates on sponsored projects.

For all other general questions, please contact Brian Bertlshofer at (919) 843-4891 (

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