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The UNC Office of Human Research Ethics/Institutional Review Board (OHRE/IRB) needs you!

Presently, the OHRE/IRB is seeking to increase participation and expand membership of its four regular Biomedical IRBs and the IRB Safety Committee.

  • Do you wish the Institutional Review Board (IRB) could review studies more quickly?
  • Are you frustrated when your study cannot be placed on an earlier meeting agenda?
  • Do you wonder how the IRB functions or why you receive all those stipulations?
  • Are you interested in research ethics and how they are applied at UNC?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consider volunteering with the IRB.

Studies can only be reviewed if volunteers, with adequate expertise, are in attendance at our meetings.  For this reason, the review of some studies are postponed if our volunteers do not possess ample expertise.  We currently have a critical need for volunteers who are Nurses and MDs with specialties from all areas.  If you would like more information, to attend an IRB meeting as an observer, or are interested in volunteering, please contact the Office of Human Research Ethics at or (919) 966-3113.

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