Corresponding with:

OSR Policy 700.2 NOTR (Notice of Termination Reply)

Procedure Statement

The NOTR is an Excel spreadsheet form prepared by the administering award department to record all outstanding expenses for an account that is terminating. The completed NOTR serves as the basis for the final financial report prepared by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) that is sent to the funding organization.


The steps for preparing and submitting an NOTR include:

I. Email alert sent to notify the department of the need for an NOTR
II. Department prepares the NOTR
III. NOTR Submitter uploads the completed NOTR in RAMSeS
IV. NOTR routes for a series of approvals including:

  • The awarding department’s NOTR Approver reviews and approves the NOTR in RAMSeS
  • PI certifies the NOTR in RAMSeS
  • OSR prepares the Final Financial Report using data from NOTR
  • OSR sends Final Report to funding organization

Step-by-step, illustrated instructions are located on the OSR website.

I. Email Alert Sent to Department

Seven days prior to the award budget end date, OSR sends an email to the department’s Research Account Manager, the NOTR Submitter, the NOTR Approver, and the Principal Investigator (PI) notifying them that the account is terminating and preparation of a Notice of Termination Reply (NOTR) is required to close out the account.

If an NOTR is not required because the award has already been extended, send an email with supporting documentation that indicate the sponsor’s agreement to extend the award to the appropriate OSR award manager. Include a copy of the email to the designated OSR reporter. For further information on how to request a no cost extension, refer to OSR Policy 500.4 – Mandatory Prior Approvals.

If an extension is expected but is still pending approval by the funding organization, in RAMSeS from the Award Dashboard, select “NOTR Submissions, ” select the <New> link beside the appropriate account number and then click on the button “NOTR Not Required” at the bottom of the screen. You will be instructed to indicate why an NOTR is not required and upload supporting documentation.

II. Department Prepares NOTR

An employee designated as an ‘NOTR Submitter’ (see Research Contacts for more information regarding how to obtain this role) can access the NOTR information in RAMSeS. From the Award Dashboard select “NOTR Submissions.”

1. Select the <New> link beside the desired account number.

2. The NOTR launch screen appears and provides a link to the NOTR form in Excel.

3. Click on the link to obtain a blank NOTR form and save it on your local drive. Complete the areas highlighted in gray. The blue areas calculate the amounts of each section. To assist in preparing the NOTR, obtain the most recent FBM 090/091 report which reflects expenditure information for the account as well as information regarding outstanding expenditures that have not posted to the most recent FMB 090/091. Refer to the links below for information on how to complete each section of the form:

NOTR Form Instructions (written)
Visual Presentation in Captivate (interactive)

4. Save the NOTR using the naming convention NOTR-5XXXXXX.xls (the account number).

III. Department Uploads NOTR in RAMSeS

Once the NOTR is completed it is uploaded in RAMSeS by the ‘NOTR Submitter’ using these detailed instructions. If you are thoroughly familiar with the NOTR process in RAMSeS, you can also use the brief instructions below.

a. In the NOTR screen, click on the attachment tab (the paperclip).
b. Click on “Browse” to locate the correct file and select it.
c. Select the type of document from the drop down menu, in this case, select “NOTR.”
d. Click on “add” to attach the document.
e. Use the same method to attach other supporting documents as necessary.

They will appear at the bottom of the screen as they are attached.
f. If you wish to add a note, select the notes tab (the small piece of paper) and type in your comment/note.
g. Once you have finished downloading the necessary files and notes, click “Submit for Processing.”

IV. NOTR is Routed for Approvals

The NOTR is now complete and ready for review. Changes may be requested by subsequent approvers, the PI and OSR as the NOTR continues through the approval process, which now includes:

  • NOTR Approver reviews and approves the NOTR in RAMSeS
  • PI certifies the NOTR in RAMSeS
  • OSR prepares the Final Financial Report using data from NOTR
  • OSR sends Final Report to funding organization

Revision History

The policies in the Office of Sponsored Research Policies & Procedures Manual supersede any OSR policies, procedures and appendices previously included in the University Business Manual, a publication of UNC Chapel Hill’s Division of Finance.