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Carolina Research in the News

  • a young African-American woman wearing a black leather jacket smiles at the camera

    Woman in Science: Allison Mathews

    Allison Mathews is a postdoctoral fellow within the UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases. Her research focuses on the use of crowdsourcing to engage the public in helping solve critical health problems related to HIV cure research and testing.

  • a parent teaches his teenage son how to drive

    What Helps a New Driver? More Driving.

    Although many people point fingers to irresponsibility as the cause of car accidents with teenage drivers, the real culprit is lack of experience, according to UNC Highway Safety Research Center researcher Robert Foss.

  • HIV Exports Viral Protein in Cellular Packages

    The Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center has found that HIV may be able to affect cells it can’t directly infect by packaging a key protein within the host’s cellular mail and sending it out into the body.

  • Study Maps Molecular Mechanisms Crucial to Heart Disease Therapy

    Creating new healthy muscle cells within a patient’s own ailing heart is how scientists hope to reverse heart disease one day. A new study led by UNC researchers reveals key molecular details that should be useful in developing this approach.

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