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The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) is excited to release several new resources and tools to assist in streamlining processes to improve knowledge and efficiency working with outgoing subagreements. Learn more about each new and/or updated resource below.


New Subagreement Webpage

  • Details process steps and tips on working with outgoing subagreements
  • Provides helpful resources and information, including new checklists and forms


Updated Outgoing Subrecipient Letter of Intent (LOI) Form

A key effort in improving execution of outgoing subagreements has been to reduce duplicative efforts and forms involved in the process. Effective with the release of this revised Outgoing Subrecipient LOI form, OSR no longer requires the completion of the Subrecipient Commitment Form which captured subrecipient data and certifications at the time of award.

Several updates noted below have been made to the Outgoing Sub LOI to help collect all the necessary subrecipient information at the proposal stage to better inform and improve the subagreement issuance processes. The instructions for completing the LOI have also been updated to reflect all changes.

IMPORTANT: Please begin using the revised Outgoing Subrecipient LOI form immediately. Effective 7/1/2022, the prior form will no longer be accepted.

Key Changes:

  • UNC only completes the fields in blue. All others must be entered and confirmed by the subrecipient.
  • For U.S. entities, zip code should be in the following format: xxxxx-xxxx
  • Breakdown of direct and indirect costs are no longer required
  • Subrecipients must now identify if they are a member
  • A new section appears for subrecipient to add personnel if they select that they are using UNC’s COI policy, if PHS or NSF is UNC’s prime sponsor

*All subrecipient personnel included on LOI must be listed in the RAMSeS IPF.


New COI Form for Subrecipient Personnel Changes

 OSR RAFTs Image

When UNC is the pass-thru entity on a sponsored project from a PHS agency or NSF, our institution, per federal regulations, must monitor all personnel subject to UNC’s Conflict of Interest (COI) policy. This applies to subrecipient personnel when the subrecipient agrees to abide by UNC’s COI policy (if they do not have an active and/or enforced COI policy that meets PHS or NSF standards).

This new Subrecipient Personnel Changes – COI form was specifically created to assist departments with collecting this information from subrecipients at the time of award setup as well as when applicable in subsequent funding periods.

At the time of proposal, the updated Outgoing Subrecipient LOI form is used to capture this information and as a reminder, the personnel listed on the Outgoing Subrecipient LOI must be entered in the RAMSeS IPF.


Updated Subrecipient Initiation Portal (SIP) Form

SIP is an online form used to streamline the collection of information pertaining to subagreement issuance and amendments. With this recent update, OSR reduced duplicative uploads and data entries in SIP and revised the amendment form to better capture all information necessary to perform the requested actions.

Key Changes:

  • Departments can now indicate if information previously provided has changed
  • Departments no longer need to re-upload all attachments and can provide the link address for attachments in RAMSeS (right-click the attachment name, copy/paste link address to corresponding SIP field)
  • In place of requiring separate Principal Investigator approval of certain actions, there is now a certification checkbox at the bottom of each form
  • Amendment actions are now guided by questions the submitter answers to ensure all necessary information is provided



For questions concerning specific subagreements, please contact your department’s Sponsored Projects Specialist. All other questions, please contact

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