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Summer 2020: Issue 8

Recent Event Highlights

COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series - Impacts on Industry Contracting

This webinar focused on guidance for working with industry partners. Continue

COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series - Non-Profit Funded Projects

This webinar discussed the unique characteristics of non-profit funding. It provided an overview of the University’s Policies related to the pandemic and its impact on non-profit funding. Continue

News & Updates

 RAM Reports New Enhancements Coming Soon 

Changes to the look and feel of the Research Administration Management (RAM) Reports tool are coming soon. Continue

Updates on Science and Security Guidance

Updated guidance on Science and Security was provided via OSR's Science and Security webpage. The updates affected several areas such as Other Support, Foreign Components, and formatting for several document types. Continue

COI Enhancements in RAMSeS

In order to ensure that appropriate Conflict of Interest (COI) reviews are completed for all UNC faculty, the roles in RAMSeS have been modified. Continue

Core/Research Service Center Rate Increase Option Due to COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 and UNC’s updated policy, the Cores/Research Service Centers (RSC) will have the option to temporarily increase their recharge rates to offset expected higher operational costs. Continue

Research Proposal Playbook Released 

OSR, Operational Excellence team, and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research (OVCR) have worked together to streamline Award Setup for sponsored research by releasing a new tool called Research Proposal Playbook. Continue

Sponsored Project Notifications

OSR in partnership with ORIS and ITS are pleased to announce a new automated process that will keep you informed on changes made to PS Project IDs and help improve your experience managing sponsored projects. Continue

Graduate Student Fees Update (AY 20-21)

The Graduate School has released the Graduate Student Fees Memo for AY 20-21 with updated guidance on paying mandatory graduate student fees. Continue

Subagreement Initiation Portal (SIP) Updates 2020

OSR has released updates to the Subagreement Initiation Portal (SIP) to improve execution time for subagreements. Continue

Fringe Updates 2020

The Fringe Benefits Memo for FY 2021 has been released. Please refer to the updated Schedule I & II, the updated DHHS Chart, as well as OSR’s Information Sheet to appropriately determine personnel benefits in proposals. Continue

Research Spotlight

Banner that says "Help Support UNC Researchers Fight Against COVID-19" Click to donate.

UNC researchers are doing their part in the fight against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Continue

Training Opportunities

NCURA Award Lifecycle Webinar

The NCURA Lifecycle of the Award webinar series offers training on several broad research administration topics relevant to research institutions. 

CITI Online Training

UNC now offers two courses for enrollment in the CITI online learning program: Essentials of Research Administration and Essentials of Grant Development.

Carolina RAPiDs Foundations Training

OSR is excited to release the Carolina RAPiDs (Research Administration Professional instructional Development system) that is designed to provide a comprehensive training program for research administrators at UNC.

COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series

The COVID-19 Impacts Webinar Series seeks to provide clear guidance to research administrators as they manage projects during these uncertain times.

Science and Security Webinar Series

The Science and Security Webinar Series seeks to provide up-to-date guidance on managing the projects in a cooperative and secure manner.

New Staff Updates

Sponsored Projects Accounting

Tonya Ragland Sponsored Projects Accountant
Phyllis Brooks Sponsored Projects Accountant
Rusty Privett Sponsored Projects Accountant
Jessica Thompson Sponsored Projects Accountant
Daniel Cushwa Business Systems Analyst


Research Administration

Andrea Flor Sponsored Projects Specialist
Ashley Taylor Jacobs Sponsored Projects Specialist
Amanda Wilson Sponsored Projects Specialist
Christina Sondrini Sponsored Projects Specialist
Amy Lyons Contract Manager
Danesha Curry Subaward Specialist

Did You Know?

Q: How should recipients submit details on how COVID-19 has delayed or affected the progress of research activities on NIH-funded grant projects?

A: Recipients of NIH funded research must report on any effects on award in their next RPPR submission. Recipients are not to submit standard letters, but rather report on these details within the RPPR. The funding IC will consider the effects that are reported by the recipient when reviewing and approving the RPPR.


Q: If we have charged salaries on Federal contracts during the March 20-May 31 when the University was at reduced operations for research, do we need to request prior approval after the fact?

A: Yes, please contact your OSR SPS as soon as possible to request approval after the fact. Any administrative charges on federal contracts after March 20, 2020 require sponsor prior approval.

Do you have questions about how to handle impacts of COVID-19? See the COVID-19 FAQs. For more frequently asked questions, see our FAQs page. To submit your questions to OSR, click the 'Ask OSR' button below. 

In Other News

HR COVID-19: Information & Resources 

To help navigate work and life changes brought on by COVID-19, HR has provided information for faculty, staff, and students on the impacts of COVID-19 at the University. Continue

Changes to TSERS Employer Contribution Rate

Effective July 1, 2020, the TSERS employer contribution rate increased from 19.79% to 21.68%, and ORP employer disability and retiree health contribution rate increased from 6.57% to 6.77%.  Continue

BuyCarolina Purchasing Program

BuyCarolina is a new purchasing solution that will improve the University’s purchasing power as well as the end-user experience. This new cloud-based solution replaces the ConnectCarolina eProcurement system. Continue

Updated Budget Journal Process

Effective July 1, 2020, the business process changed for updating two budget periods (current and future).  For more information on how to do this, see the slideshow

Changes to NIH Notice of Award (NOA)

In NOT-OD-20-155, NIH informed on the changes that will be in place for their NOAs effective October 1, 2020. Continue

NSF Proposal Deadlines

NSF has released their updated statement on alterations to their proposal deadlines. Continue

NSF Approved Formats for Current and Pending Support

Effective October 5, 2020, NSF is requiring new formats and information for Current and Pending Support documentation. Continue

Tax Reporting Obligations for Research Participants

Reporting of study subject payments totaling $400 or more per research participant in a calendar year is required to Accounts Payable (AP) for tax compliance. Deadline to submit the report to AP is December 15, 2020. An exception to this reporting requirement is research participants who received payment(s) via a University check or ACH. Continue

S A V E   T H E   D A T E

Virtual Symposium
November 9 - 11, 2020
8:30 – 11:30 AM each day

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