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  • James Meyo looks at cell media under a computerized microscope

    Lessons from UNC Research

    As employees return to campus this month, they have a prototype for success. UNC Research developed a plan back in June 2020 to ramp up on-campus research from critical projects only — COVID-19 related, among others — to 50% capacity. Research had a banner year, breaking $1 billion in new grant awards, and the research enterprise is now fully up and running.

  • Troy Sadler

    Hot Topic Teaching

    Thanks to a recent grant from the National Science Foundation, UNC School of Education researcher Troy Sadler will continue to study how to engage students in scientific learning by building lesson plans centered around socio-scientific issues — hot topics of interest to young people — like COVID-19, climate change, and vaping.  

  • The Delta Variant

    Infectious disease expert David Wohl of UNC School of Medicine shares insight into the rapid spread of the highly contagious COVID-19 delta variant across the United States and urges anyone not yet vaccinated to get a COVID-19 vaccine immediately.

  • Will Moderna Require a Booster?

    UNC School of Medicine’s Cindy Gay, who leads the clinical trial of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, discusses the long-term efficacy of the vaccine. While more studies are necessary to determine whether a booster will be necessary, Gay says she is … Continued

  • What To Know About The Delta Variant

    In this article, Lisa Gralinksi, a professor of epidemiology in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, discusses the Delta variant of COVID-19 and shares insights on its symptoms as well as how effective vaccines are against the variant.

  • Potential Universal Coronavirus Vaccine

    UNC researchers from the School of Medicine and Gillings School of Global Public Health have developed a universal vaccine that could protect against COVID-19 as well as other coronaviruses and dangerous variants. With promising data from mouse models, the team hopes this new vaccine will prevent a SARS-CoV-3.

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Jessica Lin

Addressing Pandemic Problems

From infectious disease studies to social interventions, UNC researchers are engaged in an array of projects, making Carolina the most cited university in the U.S. for coronavirus research.

Suzanne Zaccardo holds an American flag and says the pledge of allegiance to her computer for her online class of first graders

Learning As We Go

While the controversy surrounding when and how schools should reopen has led to policy debates and changes in family dynamics, UNC epidemiologists and education researchers find hope in the lessons from this year.

Rachel Woodul

A Public Health Prognosis

Graduate student Rachel Woodul spent three years researching what might happen to hospital capacity when the next pandemic strikes. When it arrived, she compared what her model — and others’ — got wrong to improve how we react to public health crises in the future.