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Image Map: The Award Lifecycle

Concept & Funding Proposal Creation Proposal Submission Award Negotiation Award Setup Award Management Project Closeout

Lifecycle Overview

Award Lifecycle describes and organizes the many stages of a sponsored project from conception to termination. The depiction of the stages of the Award Lifecycle above function as navigation to information for each topic. Click on each tile to display the respective content or click on the Pre-Award or Post-Award arrows to enable all sections without those stages to open. Clicking on the Award Lifecycle bar will display all content. A description for each section is highlighted below:

Concept & Funding

This section provides resources for Principal Investigators and their research teams in the development of ideas, in finding funding and proposal preparation.

Proposal Creation

This section provides guidance and resources on key components of a proposal, including requesting funding.

Proposal Submission

This section outlines the review criteria followed by central offices and provides guidance on submission deadlines.

Award Negotiation

This section provides details on types of funding mechanisms received by the University and the review criteria of central offices prior to acceptance of funding.

Award Setup

Award Setup provides details on how new awards are established in the financial and administrative systems at the University.

Award Management

Award Management outlines the responsibilities of departments and central offices with regards to funded agreements.

Project Closeout

This section outlines the responsibilities of departments and central offices and provides standards for closing the award.