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The Emerging Scholar Series: Diversity in STEM Lectures, co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity, provide an opportunity for departments to identify talented underrepresented postdocs in STEM and biomedical sciences who are interested in faculty careers. This “early exposure” initiative helps to nurture and develop talented underrepresented postdocs by offering an opportunity to present their research, identity potential collaborators, and network with faculty, staff, and students at UNC.

What’s expected from each host department?

  • STEM and biomedical science departments are asked to identify and invite an outstanding underrepresented postdoctoral fellow as part of a regularly scheduled departmental seminar series.
  • During the two-day campus visit, the hosting unit will schedule the postdoctoral fellow to deliver a public research seminar and provide an opportunity for the fellow to meet with UNC students and faculty.
  • There will be no cost to the host department. All travel expenses and a dinner with colleagues will be covered by the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity.

Have a candidate in mind? Please email Sibby Anderson-Thompkins at