• hands folded in prayer

    Does Church Improve Mental Health?

    UNC economist and Carolina Population Center Fellow Jane Cooley Fruehwirth’s talks with NPR about religion and how it can buffer adolescents against depression.

  • medical syringe with needle

    Addressing California’s Strict Vaccination Laws

    UNC Carolina Population Center Fellow Paul Delamater discusses vaccination laws in California and their potential modest impact in this piece from the Los Angeles Times.

  • a container of vegetables on a table

    Addressing Food Insecurity

    The UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention’s Jessica Soldavini has received a predoctoral fellowship from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture to address food insecurity and improve dietary quality among low-income populations.

  • a mother hugs her daughter

    Strong Families, Less Depression

    Close and cohesive family relationships, understanding, and shared good times protect teens from depression in adolescence and later in life, according to a new study from UNC Carolina Population Center researchers.

  • A "Welcome to North Carolina" highway sign

    North Carolina’s Rapid Growth

    In 2017, nearly 368,000 individuals moved into the state. Where are these new residents moving from? Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, New York, and California, according to Carolina Demography.

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