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Effective today, August 16, several updates have been released in RAMSeS with the key changes highlighted below. For additional information see the full 5.5 release notes.

New Question for Non-UNC Personnel

When adding non-UNC personnel to proposals and awards, the below question is now required:

Is the person going to be an author on any public dissemination such as a manuscript, paper, presentation, abstract, etc. coming from this research project?

A “Yes” response to any of this and any other of the questions is designated as an Independent Contractor (Investigator) and required to complete COI. if all responses are “No” responses then they are not required to complete COI.

Change in Lead PI Discrepancy Message

The message below that indicates that the Lead PI on the Award Project is different from the Lead PI on the Award’s associated proposal (previously displayed on Award Admin/Proposal tab) will now be displayed above the tabs on the Award Admin screen, meaning it will now be visible irrespective of which Award Admin tab is selected.


If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to The Office of Sponsored Programs at or Sponsored Programs Office at

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