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Impacts of COVID-19: Federal Grants & Contracts

This webinar will cover how Federal grants are different from Federal contracts and how this difference impacts the way each is managed. It will highlight the flexibility provided by the OMB, updates for the University’s largest Federal sponsors, such as NIH and NSF, and the University’s own Pandemic Policy.

Participants will get a broad overview of how to manage each type of funding source if their project is impacted by COVID-19 and resources and guidance on how to work with OSR to communicate any impacts to their sponsors.

Date & Time

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM


  • Federal Grants vs Federal Contracts – What is the difference?
  • Federal Grants:
    • Overview of OMB M 20-17 & 20-26,NIH-NOT-OD-20-086
    • NSF Implementation of OMB Flexibility, Other Federal Sponsors, Progress Reports
    • University Pandemic and Communicable Disease Emergency Policy
    • Federal Contracts: Prior Approval requirement, DOD – CARES Act Guidance
    • Impact on Standard Language
    • General Resources: Links to various websites and contact information


  • Slides will be available at the start of the event.


  • Jennifer Teixeira
    Director of Research Administration, Office of Sponsored Research

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Registration is not required to participate in this training. The Connect to Webinar link will be available at the start of the event.

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