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RAM Reports tool will be available on Tuesday, April 7

OSR and ITS to release new financial reporting tool

Research Administration Management (RAM) Reports were developed through a partnership with the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) and Information Technology Services (ITS) to provide an improved tool to manage sponsored project financials. OSR previewed RAM Reports at the recent OSR Town Hall and are very excited to release this new tool.

What is RAM Reports?

RAM Reports deliver financial information via an enhanced reporting tool and offer a robust experience managing sponsored projects financials. The information in RAM Reports is pulled just as Infoporte, directly from ConnectCarolina and RAMSeS, and data lags one day behind what you see in ConnectCarolina.

Highlight of RAM Reports:

  • provides intuitive and ease of navigation,
  • simplified search features,
  • report formats that are easy to read and view,
  • access to both project and award financials,
  • ability to drill into detailed transactions on all expenses, and
  • reports are downloadable to Excel

This initial release of RAM Reports provides both campus and central offices with the same view of financial data to improve transparency and streamlines processes with sponsored projects financial monitoring and reporting. Future enhancements to add functionality to RAM Reports are already in progress to further assist in this endeavor.

Stay tuned next week when the tool is released in conjunction with a webpage providing guidance, FAQ, contacts to get help, and a feedback form to submit additional suggestions for enhancements.

The video below is a demo of RAM Reports; take a look and see all it can do!


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