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Where can I find information about creating and submitting a proposal?

Internal Processing Form and RAMSeS Frequently Asked Questions contains information to help UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students through the proposal submission process.

Where can I find help on RAMSeS (e.g. IPF submission, Award reports, etc. …)?

OSR’s Proposal Development and Submission toolkit contains information to help UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students through the proposal submission process.

Where can I find information about the University I need to complete this application?

The Institutional Information Fact Sheet contains a lot of information about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as well as frequently used rates and figures used in Sponsored Research activities.

Is there anyone who can answer my question about a specific sponsor or account?

The contact finder is a tool that enables users to enter either a sponsor or a FRS account number to find the corresponding OSR associate responsible for coordinating contracts, grants and other sponsored research for that sponsor or account.

Where is the OSR located and what are your hours?

The OSR is located in the Administrative Office Building (AOB) across the street from the Giles Horney building on Airport Drive. Our office is on the second floor and open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. In addition, a drop box is available and checked at 9 a.m. each morning. (Directions)

Where should I start my search for an award?

The OSR’s Identifying Funding Opportunities toolkit contains information to help UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, staff, and students with their search.

Where can I find a list of departments that deal with different aspects of Research?

Research at Carolina maintains an Alphabetical Listing of All Centers, Institutes, Labs, and other Offices Related to Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Where can I find answers to questions about Clinical Trials?

The Office of Clinical Trials (OCT) was created to perform all administrative, legal, and pre award budgetary functions for clinical trials. OCT will provide a “one-stop” environment for clinical trial management.

Where can I find a listing of policy updates and recent changes at OSR?

The News page provides a central repository for updates and policy changes at OSR as well as other issues that may pertain to research activities at UNC.

Where can I find information about working with NIH?

The eRA Commons page on the OSR web site was created to help users at UNC conduct business with NIH in an electronic format.

Is there a listing of things that cannot be charged to an NIH grant?

The NIH Grants Policy Statement (link to Part II: Subpart A–File 3 of 5 Selected Items of Cost) contains allowable and unallowable items with explanations.

What types of training are offered through the OSR?

OSR is committed to providing a variety of training workshops, labs, and brown bag lunches. The Training page lists current and past workshops with corresponding training materials (where applicable), as well as links to other learning resources.

Is there any place I can find award information for my school or the entire University?

The Reports and Rankings page provides standard monthly and annual reports of research activity at UNC-CH. In addition, this page provides links to other sources of information both inside and outside the University.

The RAMSeS system allows anyone with an ONYEN or SOMID to create downloadable proposal and award reports for a particular investigator, department, or the entire University. Simply login (link to login) and click on the “REPORTING” link at the top of the page.

Who can I ask in OSR if I need help in deciding what F&A rate to apply to a research project?

If you have any questions in determining which rate to apply, you may contact the appropriate proposal specialist using the Contact Finder.

How is the location of a sponsored research project determined to be “on campus” vs. “off campus”?

Sponsored research projects are considered “on campus” if they reside in any building or on any property owned by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the majority of project effort is expended at that site, no matter the location. Such projects must apply the “on campus” F&A rate to their budget and expenditures.

Can I submit my own question to OSR?

If you have additional questions not covered by this FAQ, please click here to submit your own question by e-mail and someone will respond to your question directly.

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