Mailing Address & Phone Contacts

104 Airport Drive Suite 2200 – Campus Box 1350, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1350
Phone: (919) 966-3411 – Fax: (919) 962-5011

Email Contacts for OSR

ResAdminOSR is responsible for all general inquiries, proposal requests, new awards, modifications/amendments, audit information requests, and research system access requests.

  • New awards
  • Modifications/Amendments
  • Sponsor requests concerning awards
  • Audit information requests
  • Research systems access requests: eRA Commons, Fastlane
  • General questions/concerns

OSRBilling is responsible for all requests concerning invoicing or financial reports for sponsored projects.

  • Requests for invoices and financial reports (new and pre-Fiscal Year 2017 only)
    • Fiscal Year 2017 and onward, invoices and financial reports may be found in the RAMSeS Billing tab.
  • Questions concerning invoices and financial reports including requests for supporting documentation.

OSRHelp is responsible for all questions concerning budget overrides, F&A adjustments, escalation of issues within OSR and other sponsored project assistance.

  • F&A expense adjustments
  • Budget error overrides for vouchers/journals/POs/Requisitions/Budgets
  • Escalation or expedition of issues within OSR
  • General questions/inquiries

OIC is the main inbox for the Industry Contracting team and is responsible for new industry contracts and questions concerning industry contracting.

ecrt_help is responsible for all effort certification questions and concerns, including specific effort certification requirements and system assistance.

OSRCommunications is the main inbox for all OSR news and announcements, events, training opportunities, and website feedback.

OSR_Symposium is the main inbox for all general inquiries and communications related to the annual UNC Symposium for Research Administrators.

Contacts Outside of OSR

  • ORIS Help Desk: (919) 843-2594 or
    • Research Systems support for ACAP, AIR, ALICE, Backbone, Blue, IRBIS, RAMSeS
  • ITS Help Desk: (919) 962-HELP or
    • Technical and finance functional support for ConnectCarolina and Infoporte

Office of Sponsored Research

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104 Airport Drive Suite 2200, CB 1350
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1350

Phone: (919) 966-3411
Fax: (919) 962-5011

Email address:

OSR Hours

OSR is located on the second floor of the Administrative Office Building and is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.


Visitor permit parking spaces are available at the front of the building for easy access to OSR. Additional parking is available in an overflow lot across from the Giles Horney Building in the R1/R2 Overflow Parking Lot.

Bus Service

The AOB is on the NU Express Route that goes to the P parking lot.

Drop Box

A drop box is located on the ground floor at the front entrance of the AOB. Materials for OSR can be dropped here after 5 p.m.

Industry Contracting

Get directions to the Industry Contracting office at Google | Yahoo | Bing



720 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Suite 101, CB 1651
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1651

Phone: (919) 843-2698

Email address:

OSR Industry Contracting Hours

OSR’s Industry Contracting team is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.


R7 parking spaces are available at the side of the building.