Facility listings

Bioinformatics Building

The Bioinformatics Building is located on Mason Farm Road behind the employee and visitor parking decks. The auditorium is located on the first floow to the left of the elevators.

Brinkhous-Bullitt Building

The Brinkhous-Bullitt Building can be accessed from the Dogwood parking deck by taking the walkway over Manning Drive towards the main entrance of the hospital. Enter through the North Carolina Memorial Hospital (UNC Logo on the building). Pass the information desk on your right and proceed up the escalator from the ground floor to the first floor lobby area. Follow the signage to "Prosthetics and Orthotics", the hallway will take several turns–there will be additional signs to guide you.

Immediately after passing the "Epidemiology" overhead sign (and office on your left)- turn right through a doorway into a hallway. As you walk forward in this hallway, note the overhead sign indicating "NOW ENTERING BRINKHOUS-BULLITT BUILDING". Follow the signs for the cafeteria which lead to the public elevators on the right.

Take the elevators to the second floor. As you exit the elevators, you will see the entrance to the NC TraCS Institute. There will be a reception desk and assistant inside that can guide you to your event or meeting.


Please call the OCT at 843-2698 with any questions.