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Sharing of F&A Cost Reimbursements in Collaborations

As a follow up to a discussion held at the OSR quarterly forum on February 10, 2015, we have been made aware that the information provided on the F&A sharing section of the eIPF is being utilized by many departments for reporting, tracking and decision making purposes.  To that end the F&A sharing section has been reinstated on the RAMSeS eIPF. Please note the Office of Sponsored Research has no role in assisting in the negotiation of F&A splits between departments at the proposal stage nor does the OSR have a role in ensuring the distribution of F&A at any point during or after the corresponding project period for the award.  The F&A distribution section on the IPF is a tool that is strictly for departmental use only and is gathered via the IPF to enable the information to be fed to the data warehouse for the generation of reports used exclusively by departments.