Office of Sponsored Research

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In the spotlight

Office of Sponsored Research Town Hall

OSR Update

Please join us for a discussion on recent developments and changes within the UNC Office of Sponsored Research regarding:
  • Office Transition Update and New Hires
  • Departmental and OSR Lifecycle Roles and Responsibilities
  • Billing and Closeout Requirements
  • Effort Reporting and F&A Rate Agreement Update

Session 1

Monday - February 6, 2017
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Session 2

Tuesday - February 14, 2017
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Fox Auditorium, Carrington Hall, Romm L300

OSR Transformation

The Office of Sponsored Research is pleased to announce the initial launch of its organizational transformation. Pre-Award Services has merged with Award Management to form the new Research Administration group under the direction of John Sites, who will serve as the Interim Director. Brian Collier will serve as one of two Assistant Directors. The new group consists of seven teams, each of which will include both pre-award and post-award staff, allowing for a more customer service focus. There will also be one team that will be dedicated to issuing outgoing subawards. On Friday, December 16th, the new group relocated from the AOB to the Giles Horney Building.

As part of the transformation, department portfolios have been reassigned among OSR staff. Research Managers have been contacting departments, centers, and institutes directly regarding portfolio assignments and will be arranging visits to campus for more personal introductions. Additional information regarding the new organizational structure, team assignments, and staff assignments has been posted here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Sites (email) or Brian Collier (email) directly or, once you’ve been contacted by your new RA Managers, those managers directly.

RASG Fall Forum 2016 Recap

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, RASG hosted the 2016 Fall Forum.  The agenda and presenters included:

FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot

Our institution has joined the Federal Demonstration Project (FDP) Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot.

The Expanded Clearinghouse pilot seeks to test an Entity Profile, including using a national repository of posted information as a less burdensome alternative to achieve the stewardship obligations expected in the subaward issuance and oversight process. The Entity Profile was developed based on review of over 100 subrecipient commitment or certification forms from FDP and other institutions. Common data elements or questions from these forms are contained in the Entity Profile and ours is now live on the Clearinghouse webpage.

Effective tomorrow, only use the subrecipient commitment forms for non-Pilot institutions, but for Pilot institutions, you should NOT be using any form or questionnaire that asks for Entity based information. As part of the Pilot, we have agreed to forego the use of these forms for the other Pilot institutions, and use the Entity Profiles. You are welcome to continue to request and collect the minimal information that is required per subaward, such as IRB and IACUC approval information. If another one of the Pilot institutions is continuing to utilize a Subrecipient Commitment or other certification form that includes entity based questions there is language included in the attached slides that can be used when encountering this situation. It will likely take a bit of time and patience for all the Pilot institutions to get up and running in the Pilot, so be kind, but do share this information with them and gently push back.

Attached is a short slide deck that will give you an overview of the Pilot and here is a link to the list of institutions that are participating in the Pilot to access their entity profile, just click on the entity name. The FDP has a webpage dedicated to the Pilot that contains helpful FAQs and other information that you may find helpful so here is the link to the page

Please let me know if you have any questions about our profile or the Pilot in general and I hope that our participation helps reduce the burden you all encounter when working on proposals and awards that include subcontracts.


Robin L. Cyr
Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Compliance
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Attachment: FDP Expanded Clearinghouse Pilot, Phase II

2016 UNC Research Symposium Presentation Materials

Presentation materials from select sessions are now available online and can be found here.

Thank you to all participants for making this year's symposium the most successful yet.