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OSP Business Units

Cost Analysis & Compliance
Research Administration
Sponsored Projects Accounting

Cost Analysis

This unit conducts all costing studies for the institution, including research expenditures and facility utilization for the preparation and negotiation of the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rate proposal. They also review and approve all recharge center activities and oversees the Cost Accounting Disclosure Statement (DS-2) for the University. Other reporting and cost studies are completed on an ad-hoc basis. They are also the OSP point of contact for audits and conduct internal audits for research funding as well as pre-audit of expenditures for research activities.

This unit is responsible for the ecrt (Effort Certification Reporting Technology) oversight as well, which monitors payroll effort and reporting on research and other sponsored program activities.

  Cost Analysis and Compliance Management

Brian Bertlshofer Director (919) 843-4891

  Audit Team

Tracey Lemming Audit and Financial Compliance Manager (919) 962-2782
Sherrell Alston Post-Award Financial Analyst (919) 962-7911
Michelle Edgell Post-Award Financial Analyst (919) 962-3630
Eichenberger, Mia Post-Award Financial Analyst (919) 966-1239
Anne Green Post-Award Financial Analyst (919) 962-3247
Sydney Barbieri Pre-Audit Technician (919) 962-6497
Pre-Audit Approval Workflow Assignments for OSP RA Teams 5 and 6, Pediatrics*
Nya Brown Pre-Audit Technician (919) 962-4682
Pre-Audit Approval Workflow Assignments for OSP RA Teams 1, 2 and 3*
Darryl Harris Pre-Audit Technician (919) 962-4690
Pre-Audit Approval Workflow Assignments for OSP RA Teams 4 and 7, UNC Kidney Center, Department of Social Medicine*

  Cost Accounting & Central Effort Administration

James (JR) Pike Cost Accounting and Central Effort Manager (919) 843-4825
D’Angelo Best Central Effort Analyst (919) 843-5074
Courtney Black Central Effort Analyst
Eartha Bridges-Riley Central Effort Analyst (919) 962-7717
David Coyle Cost Analyst (919) 962-4673
Valeshia Dobson Cost Analyst (919) 843-5368
Ryan O. Saunders Central Effort Analyst (919) 962-6513
Latoia Smith Lead Cost Accounting and Central Effort Analyst (919) 962-6456

  Research Core Development and External Audit

Ben Wright Director (919) 962-6449
Michael Akridge Financial Analyst (919) 962-6487

OSP Leadership

Andy Johns Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (919) 962-8253
David Paul Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Sponsored Programs (919) 843-7780