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Multiple images of researchers working in the field. The first image a researcher in goggles smiling at the camera. The second image a professor and student talking. The third image is a detailed photo of two hands, in purple gloves, deal with lab equipment. The fourth image shows a researcher in the lab. The fifth image shows two researchers putting a web of sensors on a subjects head. The sixth image is a detailed photo of two gloves hands in a bin of rusted equipment used in marine research.

Researchers seeking to translate their ideas to products and services are supported with resources and funding by many units across Carolina. Organizations like OVCR, Innovate Carolina, and the Office of Technology Commercialization provide assistance across the pipeline of development, and more specific programs are available during each stage.

See below for a comprehensive list of programs that can assist with commercial application.


Investigation, discovery, & early development


Pre-commercial ecosystem for development activities


Management, technology licensing, & new venture support


Supporting product development & company growth

Funding = funding, Resources = resources, Funding & Resources = funding & resources
Funding Idea Grants Discovery
Funding NC Collaboratory Discovery Translation
Funding Lineberger Developmental Funding Program Discovery Translation
Funding Eshelman Institute for Innovation Discovery Translation
Funding & Resources Drug Discovery Initiative Discovery Translation
Funding & Resources AdvanTx Discovery Translation
Funding & Resources Creativity Hubs Discovery Translation
Funding & Resources NC TraCS Discovery Translation
Funding Gillings Innovation Labs Discovery Translation
Resources UNC Core & Manufacturing Facilities Discovery Translation
Funding School of Medicine Innovation Pilot Awards Discovery Translation
Funding OTC Technology Development Grants Discovery Translation
Funding & Resources Institute for Convergent Science Discovery Translation Commercialization
Funding & Resources READDI Discovery Translation Commercialization
Funding & Resources Digital Health Venture Studio Commercialization
Funding & Resources Pinnacle Hill Deerfield Partnership Commercialization
Funding & Resources KickStart Grant-Awards Program Commercialization Investment
Funding Carolina Research Ventures Investment
Funding Carolina Angel Network Investment