Do I need to be nominated for a limited submission award?

Yes. Your current department chair, program head or dean must nominate you to the CFE.

Do I need to be nominated for limited submission grant?

No. An individual or research team self-nominates to the ORD for a limited submission grant. The applicant(s) must submit a pre-proposal to the ORD.

How does the ORD determine which proposals to submit for a limited submission grant?

Should the ORD receive more applications than an agency permits for grants, ORD facilitates an internal review of proposals, which mirrors the NIH Study Section Panels review process. Applicants submit names of three faculty members who can speak knowledgeably about the area of proposed research. From among this list, ORD chooses a faculty member to observe the internal review process for the proposal and provide feedback directly to the applicant(s). For more information on the University Limited Submissions process, please view or print our flow chart and one-page narrative.

Who can I ask if I have additional questions?

Please contact Denise Lindley, Limited Submissions Coordinator, ORD at, or 962-7503. Please click here to download a process flow chart for the UNC Chapel Hill University Limited Submissions Process.