The Office of Research Development collaborates with University faculty, researchers, and collaborative teams to develop and submit large, complex and interdisciplinary proposals.

These projects typically request several million dollars in support, may require significant coordination between internal and external stakeholders, and/or require University support beyond the efforts of a single Principal Investigator and their team.

Idea Development and Proposal Planning Stage

  • Organize large-format brainstorming sessions with faculty and researchers
  • Identify and involve appropriate campus collaborators and resources
  • Support engagement with funding agency representatives

Proposal Preparation Stage

  • Analyzing a sponsor’s funding opportunity to determine best strategies for alignment of the proposal idea with the sponsor’s priorities. Identify strategies to enhance proposal fit with a solicitation, for example:
    • Review of proposal components and setting a proposal development plan, including item checklists and timelines
    • Plan for organization and visual appeal of proposal package
    • For resubmissions, analyze reviewers’ comments to determine best strategy
  • Facilitation of proposal team meetings to clarify project goals and implementation plans
  • Collection and formatting of supplementary documents for compliance with sponsor guidelines, such as biosketches, current and pending, letters of support, etc.
  • Provide guidance for developing non-programmatic sections, such as broader impacts, data management plans, institution description, project management plans, etc.
  • Coordinate subject matter expert review of grant proposal in order to simulate the proposal review process
  • Provide advice on budget preparation and budget justification
  • Coordinate letters of support from University leadership, as needed
  • Coordinate and support site visits to sponsors

Contact Us

If you are interested in ORD’s assistance with an upcoming, large, interdisciplinary proposal, please contact Alexia Kelley, ORD Project Manager, at

Please be sure to provide the following information:

  • Your contact information, including department/center/institute name, email, and phone number
  • Project information, including the tentative project title and links to the RFP and funding agency/program
  • Project deadlines and budget
    • Deadline(s) for LOI, pre-proposal, and/or full proposal
    • Estimated budget to be requested
    • Project length
    • Cost sharing requirements (if any)
    • Allowed F&A Cost Rate (%)
  • Other information
    • Whether the program is a limited submission opportunity (yes/no)
    • Services requested (planning/facilitation, budget support, editing/formatting, writing, other)
    • Whether the agency program officer has been consulted (yes/no)
    • Names of co-PIs
    • Subawards