All full-time members of the research faculty at UNC are eligible to apply for a travel grant (maxi to support visits to program sponsors. Other full-time staff routinely engaged as principal investigators on scholarly or scientific research, such as librarians or curators, are also eligible to apply.

Travel grants may cover supplementary expenses involved in adding sponsor visits to travel already scheduled for other purposes. The program also supports travel to negotiate awards, if such negotiation is required by the sponsor before an award can be made. All trips for negotiation must be coordinated with award negotiators in the Office of Sponsored Research in advance.

Funding cannot be used:

  • To travel to scholarly or scientific meetings, with the exception of visits being arranged with sponsor representatives during the meeting at considerable cost savings to the University.
  • To lobby, i.e. attempting to influence a federal official outside of the established rules of program competition
  • Retroactively, the Vice Chancellor’s office must receive the application before you take your trip
  • Without a signed Travel Authorization Form (TR-1) and appropriate receipts, signed by your department chair. 

The maximum travel grant is $400.00. We require only one copy of the application form and requests may be submitted at any time. This program does not fund travel retroactively; your application must be received by the Vice Chancellor’s office before you take your trip. Decisions to fund travel will normally be made within two weeks of the receipt of your application.

If you have questions about this program or need additional information, please contact B. Gail Whitfield, Office of Research Development, 919-962-9333 or

Download Application Form (PDF)