The Fostering Interdisciplinary Research Explorations (FIRE) Grants program was an internal grants program funded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities from 2015-2017. FIRE Grants encouraged interdisciplinary innovation beyond conventional partnerships by integrating the strengths of varying perspectives and methodologies, and by fostering a collaborative and creative research infrastructure at UNC.

2017 Award Winners:

  • Brown, Male, & Blue: Unmasking Depression and suicide risk among boys and young men of color by Wizdom Powell, Public Health and Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Media and Journalism
  • Data-driven modeling of gentrification by Meenu Tewari, City and Regional Planning and Nancy Rodgriguez, Mathematics
  • Stories to Save Lives: Using Oral History to Understand the Social Context for Sudden Death by Malinda Maynor Lowery, History and Ross Simpson, Cardiology

2016 Award Winners:

  • Researching Effects of Climate Change on Buddhist Holy Lakes in Tibet and India (Religious Studies, Mathematics and Marine Sciences
  • Countering Negative Islamic Stereotype through Performing Arts: Measuring the Impact on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes towards Islam (Carolina Performing Arts, Music, School of Social Work and Religious Studies)
  • Performing Science to promote shifts in Cultural Perception: Developing a Play to Communicate the Impacts of Climate Change on Barrier Island (Geological Science and Dramatic Art) 

2015 Award Winners:

  • Writing Diabetes: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration Examining the Significance of Illness Essays for Patients, Clinicians and Researchers (English & Comparative Literature, Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science, Anthropology and Medicine, and Endocrinology)
  • Children’s Development of Verbal and Perceptual Correlates of Human Emotions (Linguistics and Psychology)

If you have questions about the FIRE grant, please contact Denise Lindley, FIRE grant Administrator, Office of Research Development, Phone: 919-962-7503, E-mail: