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Carolina’s reputation as a top research institution is based on excellence in research and cutting-edge discovery and, postdoctoral scholars are a crucial part of the research enterprise at Carolina. However, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs knows how important it is for postdoctoral scholars to make sure they accomplish their professional goals, as well. Our faculty advisors share their thoughts and perspectives on Making the Most of Your Postdoc:

Doug Cyr, Cell Biology

The transition from being a Ph.D. student to a postdoc is often challenging…Successful fellows typically define clear goals at the onset of the postdoctoral period and become knowledgeable about what they need to accomplish to achieve their goals. Postdocs who simply treat their training period like a 9-5 job usually have difficulty in finding the job they desireread more from Doug Cyr

Charles Price, Anthropology

In the social sciences, a postdoc offers an opportunity for a respite between completing a dissertation and taking a full-time job. It’s an opportunity to work on building one’s vita, especially by writing and submitting work for publication, writing and submitting grant proposals, and by presenting at professional conferences. Lastly, the postdoc offers an opportunity to be more deliberate and methodical in applying for jobs... read more from Charles Price

Chronicle of Higher Education article on Making the Most of your Postdoc