Looking for a way to make a difference?

The UNC Postdoc Advisory Board is the leadership arm of the UNC Postdoctoral Association, a volunteer organization dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of all UNC postdocs.  In the past, the Postdoc Advisory Board has worked closely with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to provide resources for professional development, generate awareness about problems common to all postdocs, and to foster a sense of community among postdoctoral scholars.  In addition to organizing events and seminars to enrich the scientific experience of postdocs, the Postdoc Advisory Board is also interested in promoting programs to encourage social interaction within the community.

UNC Postdoctoral Advisory Board Composition:

UNC Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Chair

Ana Teixeira Nogueira Anogueira@unc.edu


Minority Postdoc Alliance (MPA) Chair

Deshira Wallace ddwallac@live.unc.edu


International Postdoc Alliance Co-Chair

Liujiang Song liujiang@email.unc.edu


PDA Outreach Chair

Barkha Jitendra Yadav barkhaj@email.unc.edu


PDA Parenting Chair

Liujiang Song liujiang@email.unc.edu

Zhenwei Song zhenwei_song@med.unc.edu


PDA Social Chair

Alan Marsh alan_marsh@med.unc.edu


Campus Health Advisory Board Representative:
Margeaux Wetendorf, margeaux_wetendorf@med.unc.edu


Chancellor’s Childcare Advisory Committee Representative: OPEN


Carolina Women’s Center Representative: OPEN


Oliver Smithies Representative:

Margeaux Wetendorf, margeaux_wetendorf@med.unc.edu


Advisory Committee for Transportation (ACT) Postdoc Representative: OPEN


School Representatives:

College of Arts & Sciences

Biology Postdoc Representative: Prateek Jain prteek@email.unc.edu


School of Medicine

Lineberger Representative: OPEN


School of Pharmacy Representative: 

Amber Moody amoody9@email.unc.edu

William Kinney kinneywd@email.unc.edu


School of Public Health Representative:

Deshira Wallace ddwallac@live.unc.edu