An important aspect of your postdoctoral experience is developing your career and building career path networks. One method of developing these connections is by participating in local, regional, and national associations both as a postdoc and in your discipline. Building networks is essential to developing future career opportunities. Along with the interpersonal networks you create while working in your position, you can develop broader network connections that can support your career and research development, present opportunities for collaborations and provide expanded networks for career advancement. To begin to develop these broader networks you can leverage affiliations maintained by your department or the University as well as institutional memberships (often free for members of the campus) in national organizations. This section provides information on these important sources of career development and networking relevant and available to postdocs at UNC.

The primary associations for postdocs at UNC are the UNC Postdoc Association (PDA) which includes the UNC Minority Postdoc Alliance (MPA). You can follow both organizations on Twitter @UNCPDA and @UNCMinorityPost. There is also a National Postdoc Association (NPA). Check out UNC’s Institutional Memberships (detailed below) to access a variety of services including continuing education and professionalization opportunities. Lastly, take a look at the Professional Organizations and Sites of Interest to Postdocs page which highlights sites and organizations that are reputable and relevant in your postdoc experience.

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