Grant Search and Submission Timeline:

This is a general timeline to assist postdoctoral researchers with searching for, preparing and submitting sponsored research grants.

What is Sponsored Research?

Grants and Awards that require financial compliance reporting are considered “sponsored research” and must be reviewed, verified, and approved by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). These funds are typically paid to the recipient through the University.

What if I am applying for a fellowship or a grant that does not require such reporting?

If the grant/award you are preparing does not require review by OSR, this timeline can assist you with general thinking about successful search and application timelines. These grant / award funds are typically paid directly to the recipient.

How do I know if I should apply to a particular grant as a Principle Investigator (PI) or as a Co-Investigator (CoI)?

Below is a one page overview of what different roles are in grant / funding frameworks. These “grant roles” can help you to understand how you relate to a project in each area and what your participation on grants means in relationship to your workflow. A printable version of this framework is available here.




Breaking It Down:

Submitting grants is a process that includes 1) Searching for funding, 2) Preparing your application package, and 3) Submitting your application. Below are quick charts that help define each step of the process. A full presentation of these materials is available here.

Searching for Funding



Preparing Your Application

Grant Submission