Submission Instructions and Process

These types of agreements should be submitted to the OIC for review using ALICE. Further information on the Non-Clinical Agreement and Master Agreement process and requirements can be found below these ALICE submission instructions.

If your submission question is not addressed on these pages, please email


ALICE Submission Instructions

Using this link you can log in with your Onyen and password, select “Submit New Non-CTA for Review,” and complete your submission electronically.

Under the Industry/Contracting Party section:

This is the company with whom we are working on this agreement. If the industry/contracting party name you are looking for is not listed, you can click on “Sponsor Not Listed,” and manually add the new industry/contracting party.

Under the Personnel section:  (enter in this order)

  1. Enter the name of the UNC Principal Investigator (PI).
  2. Enter the external contact for the industry/contracting party.  This is the person OIC will contact with edits or corrections to the agreement. We must have an email address at minimum.
  3. Enter the name of the UNC department contact. This is the person other than the PI that OIC might contact with questions. This is not required, but it is helpful information for OIC to have.

Submission Notes:

This is a place for you to give us any additional details or information you think may assist us in while processing and negotiating your agreement.


Non-Clinical Funded Agreements

Any project or agreement receiving new funding must first be submitted as a proposal, eIPF, in RAMSeS, with the exception of agreements for UNC Research Service Centers (Recharge Centers) with approved rates.

The proposal must have a project description, a budget with appropriate F&A and a draft agreement, if the sponsor has provided one.

We prefer to start from our own template agreement, which can help decrease negotiation time, but some companies (particularly larger, international companies) will insist on starting from their template. If you would like to send our template agreement to the sponsor when discussing your project, please email and we can provide the current applicable version.

OSR reviews the proposal and once it is approved, they notify OIC via email that it is ready to move forward with the agreement. Any subsequent budget changes must be reviewed and approved by OSR before the agreement is signed, otherwise OSR is unable to set up a Project ID.

Your agreement will be entered into OIC’s agreement management database, ALICE, and you will receive a notification email when it has been assigned to one of the Contract Managers. Given the range of project and agreement types, your Contract Manager will likely contact you to discuss your project or various provisions of the agreement to make sure your interests, in addition to UNC’s, are best served.


Master Agreements


Master Agreements can be negotiated prior to having a set project and budget. If you are requesting a new Master Agreement without a project or budget determined, you can request review in ALICE. If you have determined a project and budget with the sponsor, you will need to submit an eIPF in RAMSeS for OSR to review. You can upload the draft Master Agreement (which will include a Task Order/Work Order for this first project) to RAMSeS.


Master Clinical Agreements should be submitted through ALICE following the procedure above. Task/Work Orders should be submitted through CRMS. You can submit a CRMS record that includes both the Master and the task order in the same record.