The Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) considers the generation of custom antibodies to be an activity covered by Public Health Service Policy. Antibodies are considered customized if produced using antigen(s) provided by an investigator or at the request of an investigator (i.e., not purchased as a pre-made catalog item off-the-shelf).  Consequently, if antibody production will be subcontracted, the UNC IACUC requires that investigators use vendors which are PHS-assured.  USDA-registration is required if rabbits or other USDA-covered species are used.  AAALAC accreditation is strongly preferred.  If the subcontractor is located in a foreign country, AAALAC accreditation is required.  

The following is a pre-approved list of custom antibody vendors with PHS Assurance.  If your lab will be contracting one of these companies to manufacture custom antibodies, the OACU will require a Memorandum of Understanding be issued to and completed by the contracted company.  Please contact Rebecca Dye if you will be contracting this work and to receive a copy of the MOU and guidance on the process.

A vendor’s PHS assurance status can be verified on the OLAW website:

A vendor’s AAALAC accreditation status can be verified on the AAALAC website: