Federal mandates require the IACUC to provide training about laws and regulations governing the use of laboratory animals to all persons listed on an animal use application. The IACUC is also required to train all laboratory personnel who handle animals in animal use techniques.

IACUC provides an online personnel registration that creates a Research Profile. To register or to review an individual Research Profile, go to Animal Research Registration System

The first step in training is an online orientation. This is required for all personnel listed on an animal use application, whether or not they handle animals (including the Principal Investigator (PI) and Co-PI).

The online orientation also includes the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic Research Animal Handlers Form. The Animal Handlers form is only required for those who handle animals. Animal handlers include research animal handlers and animal caretakers. These employees are/anticipate being in physical contact with the animals because of their research and/or provide direct care for the animals. These employees are required to participate in the annual occupational health surveillance program for animal handlers.

The user submits the appropriate form or forms electronically from within the online orientation.

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