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Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

  • AAALAC: Association for the Accreditation and Assessment of Laboratory Animal Care International
  • ACAP: Animal Care Application (online application system name)
  • DCM: Division of Comparative Medicine
  • EHS: Department of Environment Health and Safety
  • IACUC: Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • IBC: Institutional Biosafety Committee
  • LAC: Laboratory Animal Coordinator
  • NLAC: Network of Laboratory Animal Coordinators
  • OACU: Office of Animal Care and Use
  • OLAW: Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
  • PI: Principal Investigator
  • UEOHC: University Employee Occupational Health Clinic
  • USDA: United States Department of Agriculture

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Can the application be submitted online?

Yes. Please use ACAP.

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Can one application be submitted for several species?

No. Each species must be covered under a separate application.

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What is UNC-Chapel Hill’s Animal Welfare Assurance Number?


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Where is the IACUC Administrative Office Located?

In Bioinformatics Building located on Mason Farm Road directly behind the employee parking deck.

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What is the IACUC mailing address, phone number and e-mail address?

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
1140 Bioinformatics Bldg.
CB 7193
Phone: 966-5569
Fax: 966-8429

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How do I report a concern regarding the use of animals?

Please see Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns or Noncompliance.

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What approvals are necessary to use animals at UNC?

You must have an Animal Care Application reviewed and approved by the IACUC. This Application is in effect for three years and must be reviewed annually.

You must complete both the online IACUC orientation and DCM orientation which will familiarize animal users with the University’s animal use program.  You must first complete the Research Registration Profile.  The DCM orientation must be re-taken every 3 years.

All individuals who handle or who are exposed to animals must complete the UNC Employee Occupational Health Clinic Research Animal Handlers & Animal Caretakers Medical History Form. The University’s Employee Occupational Health Clinic staff reviews this form. They may schedule further medical screening and annual updates of the form depending on your animal contact.

Note: Application approval will be held until all lab personnel are in compliance with these requirements.

See also: Online Orientation.

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How often does my approved Animal Use Application need review?

An application is initially reviewed by the full committee and approved for a period of three years. You must renew your Application annually. The IACUC office will send you a memo and an Annual Review of the Application to Use Animals form when your application is due for an annual review.

At the end of the third year of approval, you must submit a complete new Animal Use Application, if you wish to continue the project.

See also: IACUC Forms.

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What if I need to change the scope of my original Animal Use Application?

Submit an amendment form detailing the approved protocol ID number and the proposed changes to the IACUC office. Minor changes that can be handled in the form of an amendment are the following: an increase in animal numbers, or minor changes in the scope of the project. If changes are significant, the IACUC will require resubmission of the Animal Use Application. Major changes in the application include species change, large changes in animal number, and major procedural changes.

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What is the University’s Occupational Health Program for animal handlers?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has created the University Employees Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC). This program is designed to provide individuals who contact animals with access to trained medical personnel. When you submit your Animal Use Application, each person listed on the application who handles animals or comes in contact with animal allergens must also submit a completed UEOHC Research Animal Handlers & Animal Caretakers medical history registration form. This form is included in the IACUC Online Orientation. After the IACUC staff confirms the completion of the form and records it on the IACUC database, the form is forwarded to the UEOHC. The UEOHC staff will review this form and may schedule further medical screening depending on the degree of your animal contact. In addition, each person’s medical history is reviewed annually by UEOHC personnel. Please inform the IACUC Office if individuals listed on the application do not handle animals. Only individuals who handle animals should complete the UEOHC animal handler form.

See also: UEOHC Animal Handlers Form. Log onto Animal Research Registration page. Go to Animal Handler Profile to update form.

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What steps do I follow to use hazardous materials in animals?

If chemicals, radiation, or biohazards are used or described within the Animal use Application, complete the appropriate “Use of Hazardous Materials in Laboratory Animals” form and submit it with the Animal Use Application. Department of Environment Health and Safety representatives will review the hazard form. Contact 843-7992 DCM regarding reservation of isolation cubical space.

See also: Hazard Forms.

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What pertinent information should I include in a grant?

UNC’s Animal Welfare Assurance Number is A3410-01. The Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) accredits all animal facilities. The last re-accreditation was August 2014. Our USDA registration number is 55-R-004.

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How do I order animals?

With an approved Animal use Application you may submit an animal order to DCM, the purchaser of research animals for the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Orders must be submitted on an Animal Order Form and sent to DCM by Monday noon for delivery the next week. For more details regarding animal ordering, contact 843-9249.

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How does the Laboratory Animal Coordinator (LAC) certify training of laboratory personnel?

  • Go to the On-Line registration system:
  • Enter in your ONYEN or School of Medicine ID and Password to Login.
  • At the top of the next screen there is a blue bar titled Animal Research Registration. Mouse over to Certifications in that bar. A drop down box should appear.
  • Click on Lab Coordinator Certifications.
  • Search for personnel by clicking on the magnifying glass and entering in the person’s last name.
  • Select the appropriate name from the list and select the appropriate species. Hit the NEXT key.
  • Under techniques, select the appropriate techniques by holding the control key and clicking each technique. Hit the NEXT key.
  • Congratulations – You’re done.
  • For any assistance contact the OACU at 966-5569.

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