In the event of inclement weather in which University officials have declared Condition 3 Adverse Weather and laboratory personnel caring for animals housed in a satellite facility are unable to provide the required adequate daily care, the Division of Comparative Medicine (DCM) is available to arrange for the care of these animals until either the weather condition has resolved or the University has declared a Condition 1 or 2 and satellite personnel can resume normal animal care duties. Please contact DCM’s Husbandry pager at 919-216-6434 for assistance.

In the event satellite staff are unable to travel to campus to provide daily animal care, DCM and the IACUC have access to these spaces to perform husbandry duties if required. It is expected that satellite staff make every effort to prepare animals in advance for the duration of impending inclement weather. All cages/tanks potentially approaching a low level for feed and/or water should be addressed appropriately, in addition to any cages/tanks which appear very dirty.