General Considerations

UNIVERSITY POLICY On the Care and Use of Vertebrate Animals for Research, Training, and Teaching Purposes

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns or Animal Protocol Noncompliance

Prompt Reporting to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare

Process of Investigating and Reporting an Animal Concern

PI Responsibilities

Animal Monitoring Documentation & Record Keeping Guidelines

University Standard for Administered Agents

Chemical Hazards: Cage Side Identification

Researcher Responsibilities: Training Document

EHS: Handling Animals Dosed with Chemical Hazards

DLAM: Training Module 3 – Policies and procedures

Protocol Compliance

Adding new personnel to an application via an amendment

Rotating / Time Limited Student(s)

Removing personnel from an application

Annual Review of the Animal Handler Form

How To Become A Laboratory Animal Coordinator (LAC)


Procedural Observation Description

Common Examples of Animal Welfare Issues & Non-Compliance

IACUC Semiannual & Satellite Inspection Checklist

IACUC Inspections and Laboratory Visits

Policies and Guidelines For Posting and Use Within the Laboratory

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns or Animal Protocol Noncompliance

UNC Emergency Telephone Numbers Posting

Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia Posting (if applicable)

Needle Safety in Animal Studies Posting (if applicable)

Other Important Templates and Guiding Documents

Anesthesia/Analgesia Drug Log Template

Isoflurane Vaporizer Monitoring Log Template

Isoflurane Drop Method Log Template