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Rebecca Kreitzer, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy, is working with a team of researchers from several universities to test public support for rationing health care and education by disability and age and to examine the impact of pandemic public policy decisions on the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Keywords: public policy
Researchers: Rebecca Kreitzer

Eric Ghysels, Bernstein Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics and Professor of Finance at the UNC Kenan Flagler Business School, and his collaborators, including doctoral candidate Fotis Grigoris, are incorporating COVID-19 factors into models they are developing for real-time forecasts of state and local budgets featuring mixed-frequency data. The COVID-19 elements will cover scenarios of economic downturns and their impact on state budgets for 2020.

Keywords: public finance, economic shocks, economic recovery, economic contraction, budget modelling, budget forecasting
Researchers: Fotis Grigoris, Eric Ghysels

Angela Stuesse, Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology, is documenting how COVID-19 impacts workers in meat processing industries and the availability of support and healthcare for immigrant laborers as part of ongoing research into Latin American migrants in the US South and their impact on regional identities, racial hierarchies, and industrial and labor relations.

Keywords: immigrant labor, agriculture
Researchers: Angela Stuesse

Benjamin Meier, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Policy works at the intersection of international law, public policy and global health, examining human rights frameworks for global health policy. Advancing legal frameworks for public health, he is working closely as a consultant to international organizations, national governments and nongovernmental organizations in the COVID-19 response.

Keywords: public, human rights, global public health, biomedical ethics
Researchers: Benjamin Meier