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3D illustration of proteins

UNC and NASA Study COVID-19, Protein Correlation

UNC biochemist and age researcher Jonathan Schisler is part of the Coronavirus International Research Team, an interdisciplinary research working group formed by NASA to analyze COVID-19 data to address different aspects of the virus.

Benjamin Mason Meier (right) discusses law reforms to prevent disease with the Global Health Law Consortium in Stellenbosch, South Africa, in April 2019.

During a Pandemic, Strong Public Policy Can Save Lives

Benjamin Mason Meier is analyzing policies across the globe that are being implemented to halt the spread of COVID-19. He wants to understand what powers governments have to prevent the disease and what policies are working in the disease response.

young teen sitting on floor of bedroom

Emergency Self-Compassion Classes Help Teens Amidst Pandemic

UNC psychiatry professor Karen Bluth is helping teens address their anxiety and stress during the pandemic by teaching online, four-week self-compassion classes.