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In order to provide the best service to investigators, we have some general guidelines that we request be followed:

  1. When a surgical procedure is scheduled, please discuss what supplies, instruments, how you would like the animal positioned, etc. with the Surgery Lab Supervisor prior to time of surgery, so that we can make arrangements to accommodate your needs.  Also discuss the type of procedure and what medications are okay to use and what ones might affect your research.
  2. Veterinary technician staff will have the responsibility of fasting animals before surgery.
  3. Veterinary technician staff will be present during procedures to monitor anesthesia and the animals.
  4. The oversight of recovery from surgery and the records necessary to document appropriate aftercare are the responsibility of the investigator unless prior arrangements have been made with the Veterinary Technician Staff.  Post-operative care done by the Veterinary Technician staff will be charged to the investigator.
  5. When a specific time is scheduled for a procedure, it is considered to be a fixed appointment. Each investigator and their staff must be prepared to begin their procedure within 20 minutes of the scheduled time. If you are going to be late, please call the veterinary technician staff at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled start time, so that the animals do not undergo unnecessary stress. If you are over 20 minutes late, and you have not notified the staff, you will be charged for anesthesia, and the veterinary technician staff time needed to recover the animal. Unnecessary or prolonged anesthesia is not in the best interest of the animal.
  6. Billing is based upon the services provided. If you do not require the services of the veterinary technician staff, provide all of your supplies and equipment, and provide adequate clean-up at the conclusion of your work, no charge will be assessed. If you would like a projected cost or quote for services, please contact the Surgery Lab Supervisor, at 966-4576.

For a general list of fees see Division of Comparative Medicine Charges.


updated 7/2017