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Use icons to reinforce the message of the publication and create visual interest. Do not use them on every form of communication and be consistent with the imagery.

Keep the icons and illustrations flat, without gradients or shadows as they add a false sense of depth. Please use the 35 icons below. If there isn’t an icon from the ones already created that will best suit your content, please contact UNC Research Communications Office’s graphic designer, Corina Cudebec, with your icon request.

Icon depicting an awareness ribbon. Icon depicting a placement ribbon. Icon depicting an open book.
Icon depicting a human brain.
Icon depicting three test tubes with bubbles coming out of them.
Icon depicting three building blocks in a triangle shape.
 Icon depicting a nib of a calligraphy pen.  Icon depicting a clip board with a survey on it. Icon depicting a cloud with data raining from it. Icon depicting a strand of DNA.
Icon depicting money with a dollar bill and two coins.  Icon depicting a fast food burger and fries. Icon depicting a rocket flying. Icon depicting a germ. Icon depicting the globe.
Icon depicting a graph with an increase. Icon depicting a hourglass.
Icon depicting a leaf.
Icon depicting a lightbulb.
Icon depicting a link.
Icon depicting a magnifying glass looking at a pair of lungs. Icon depicting a microscope. Icon depicting a music note. Icon depicting a grid with circles and lines. Icon depicting a piggy bank with three coins going into it.
Icon depicting a pill. Icon depicting a raised hand. Icon depicting a sea turtle. Icon depicting two people shaking hands. Icon depicting a plant sprouting out of the ground.
 Icon depicting a stethoscope. Icon depicting a rocket launching from the ground. Icon depicting a telescope looking at the stars. Icon depicting a group of three people. Icon depicting hands washing.



Iconography Guidelines

  • Imagery should be simple and easily recognized
  • Solid fill in one color
  • Icons can appear in any of the brand colors
  • Do not squeeze text inside of the icons
  • Do not overlap icons
  • Do not add drop shadows to icons
  • Do not outline or add strokes to the icons


The UNC Research pattern is an important branding element for the department. It helps bring consistancy to the department and can used in various forms, such as on print or web. The pattern is a box grid made out of diamond shapes. The pattern is allowed in any of the official UNC Research branding colors, but is mainly displayed in Carolina blue on white. For legibility, if the grid is the background for type or either the UNC Research logo or UNC official logo, opacity of the grid will be dropped to 50%.

UNC Research pattern grid examples of the grid in white on Carolina blue and in Carolina blue on white.

Download Pattern Package