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The Office of Research Communications conveys the value of research conducted at Carolina to the university community, the citizens of North Carolina, and interested and invested parties across the nation and world. More…

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Endeavors is the online magazine of research and creative activity at UNC-Chapel Hill. Browse through our stories, and get a glimpse of the people who make Carolina one of the leading research institutions in the nation.

Carolina Research News

Rachel DuMez peering from between shelves in a lab.

Health benefits of kombucha—fact or fiction?

Rachel DuMez, a doctoral candidate within the Curriculum of Genetics and Molecular Biology, studies the presumed health benefits of kombucha.

OpenBench logo

Carolina collaborating with OpenBench to enhance therapeutic discoveries

The new partnership will help researchers turn breakthrough biological insights into valuable chemical intellectual property (IP) and unlock substantial commercial and therapeutic potential at the University.

NC Collaboratory logo

NC Collaboratory launches new research and development program to foster business-academia partnerships

The North Carolina Collaboratory is awarding 11 research and development grants through a new competitive Business-Academia Partnership Program to help address the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19 in North Carolina.

Adult C. elegans gonad expressing fluorescent proteins in the distal tip cell and somatic gonad sheath cells.

Mapping the cellular landscape

By investigating the behavior of stem cells in a microscopic worm, Kacy Gordon’s lab hopes to produce useful knowledge at larger scales of biological complexity.

Carolina breakthroughs, recent research and why it matters

Health research roundup

Learn about measuring blood oxygen more accurately in people of color, proteins that turn scar tissue into heart muscle, and more.

A boat in the ocean next to surfacing whales

New collaborations and citizen science to better understand cetaceans in the Galapagos

Up until last autumn, limited research had been done on the dynamics of blue whale populations. This past year, Dani AlarcĂłn, a researcher from the Galapagos Science Center, has focused on three main efforts.

Divya Aikat

RUNC: Divya Aikat

Divya Aikat studies women’s health through new lenses. The UNC-Chapel Hill sophomore has researched HPV self-testing, the mental health of women post-sexual assault, and breast cancer in marginalized populations.

A warning label for alcohol.

Vague warning labels hide dangers of alcohol

You know drinking alcohol isn’t the best thing for your health, but just how bad is it? Researchers propose adding details about drinking-related health risks to help consumers make better decisions about imbibing.

Tori Ekstrand

Rooted: Tori Smith Ekstrand

Tori Smith Ekstrand is an associate professor in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media. She has been contributing to research at Carolina for more than 10 years.