Leaving a Mark on Ecosystems

June 27, 2018

By monitoring water quality in the state’s estuaries, Carolina researchers are better understanding the lasting effects that hurricanes have on ecosystems beyond immediate flooding and storm surge.

Woman in Science: Min Zheng

June 27, 2018

Min Zheng is a research associate in the Department of Ophthalmology within the UNC School of Medicine. Her research focuses on using nanotechnologies in gene and drug delivery for treating ocular disorders.

Small-Town American Newspapers Are Surprisingly Resilient

June 26, 2018

Small communities rally round their newspapers in ways that bigger ones do not, with rates of loyalty twice that of readers of national or regional papers, keeping these local papers from shuttering their doors.

A New Nationwide Data Storage Network

June 22, 2018

Through a National Science Foundation grant, the RENCI-based South Big Data Hub is helping develop the Open Storage Network, which will enable researchers to manage data more efficiently than ever before.

UNC Student Designs Social and Safety Hybrid App

June 20, 2018

Nina Barnett, a rising senior at UNC, created a safety app called “Grooop” where you can create groups of friends to keep track of each other’s safety status. Grooop has active users in 15 schools around the country.