The Hidden History of the Civil Rights Act of 1960

February 13, 2018

UNC historian William Sturkey explains how and why the Civil Rights Act of 1960 helped prove racially, discriminatory voter-registration practices and provided evidence used to help pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in this op-ed from Black Perspectives.

Viral Barcode to Cross the Blood-Brain Barrier Found

February 12, 2018

Small viruses that deliver therapeutic genes can have adverse side effects at high doses. UNC School of Medicine researchers have now found a structure on these viruses that makes them better at crossing from the bloodstream into the brain.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome More Common Than Believed

February 7, 2018

A study led by Gillings School of Global Public Health professor Philip A. May suggests that 3.1% to 9.9% of children throughout the U.S. have a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Woman in Science: Ariana Rivens

February 7, 2018

UNC College of Arts & Sciences senior Ariana Rivens researches the risk and resiliency of marginalized racial and ethnic populations as they react to and cope with stress.

Creativity Hub Semi-Finalists Announced

February 2, 2018

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research announced the seven research proposals selected as semi-finalists in the first round of Creativity Hubs, an initiative aimed at fostering the development of bold and creative research ideas.

A Prescription for Fruits and Veggies

February 2, 2018

Researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University are conducting a new study that will give a weekly allotment of locally grown vegetables to low-income, high-risk patients at the UNC Family Medicine Center, and will connect them with existing nutrition education programs.

Woman in Science: Abby Gancz

January 31, 2018

Junior Abby Gancz is an undergraduate researcher studying biostatistics within the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and anthropology within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences.

Campus Makerspace Fosters Student Innovation at UNC

January 29, 2018

Wake up. Go to class. 3-D print a prosthetic hand? For many students, the Makerspace in Carmichael Residence Hall is making innovation more accessible to undergraduates than ever before.