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Winning Brackets

January 18, 2018

UNC School of Dentistry professor Ching-Chang Ko and former grad student Christina Jackson have developed a new method for creating orthodontics appliances and brackets.

Woman in Science: Catherine Chen

January 17, 2018

Catherine Chen is a UNC biology PhD student. Her research focuses on how visual and auditory signals affect the mating decisions of female spadefoot toads.

Having an Oyster Roast? Save your shells. Here’s why.

January 16, 2018

UNC Institute of Marine Sciences researcher Antonio Rodriguez, who studies the geology of oyster reefs, encourages people to take the shells leftover from events like oyster roasts to a recycling center.

Woman in Science: Katrina Morgan

January 10, 2018

Katrina Morgan is a fourth-year PhD candidate studying mathematics within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. She examines how light waves decay on a variety of spacetimes that are curved, but become flat far away in space.

Scientists Just Solved a Major Piece of the Opioid Puzzle

January 9, 2018

UNC School of Medicine researchers have discovered how to activate a brain receptor vital for pain relief using a new, drug-like compound — a breakthrough for creating opioids that relieve pain without causing severe side effects.

The Psychology of Inequality

January 8, 2018

UNC psychology and neuroscience professor Keith Payne discusses how people “feel poor” — and how that feeling is not limited to those in the bottom quintile.