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Campus Makerspace Fosters Student Innovation at UNC

January 29, 2018

Wake up. Go to class. 3-D print a prosthetic hand? For many students, the Makerspace in Carmichael Residence Hall is making innovation more accessible to undergraduates than ever before.

Structure of antipsychotic drug target solved

January 29, 2018

Antipsychotic agents have serious side effects: agitation, vision impairments, and loss of balance. UNC scientists are working to limit these side effects while maintaining effectiveness.

Low-Carbohydrate Intake Linked to Increased Risk of Birth Defects

January 26, 2018

A recent study from UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health researcher Tonia Desrosiers found that women with low carbohydrate intake are 30 percent more likely to have babies with neural tube defects versus women who don’t restrict their carbohydrate intake.

The U.S. Needs to Support and Recognize Youth Caregivers

January 25, 2018

Despite the nearly 1.4 million youth caregivers (ages 8-18) in the U.S., they are largely absent from policy discussions related to the current and future landscapes of caregiving. Learn more in this The Hill op-ed by UNC geographer Betsy Olson.

Career Aquatic

January 24, 2018

At the end of his 40-year career at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, Dive Safety Officer Glenn Safrit reflects on the most important lessons he learned — and taught — in the ocean.

Woman in Science: Johna Register-Mihalik

January 24, 2018

Johna Register-Mihalik is an assistant professor in the UNC Department of Exercise and Sport Science studying the prevention, education, consequences, and clinical management of recreation- and sport-related traumatic brain injury.

Winning Brackets

January 18, 2018

UNC School of Dentistry professor Ching-Chang Ko and former grad student Christina Jackson have developed a new method for creating orthodontics appliances and brackets.

Woman in Science: Catherine Chen

January 17, 2018

Catherine Chen is a UNC biology PhD student. Her research focuses on how visual and auditory signals affect the mating decisions of female spadefoot toads.