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Trapped on the Surface

September 10, 2019

Algal blooms in the Cape Fear River have become a potential public health concern for more than 1.5 million people relying on it for a drinking water source. Researcher Nathan Hall thinks he knows what causes them.

Captain of the Coast

July 9, 2019

Pete Peterson has always loved the ocean. He’s spent nearly five decades researching its marine life, fighting for its protection, and guiding the next generation of marine scientists to do the same.

Safe at the Beach

May 24, 2019

Viruses and bacteria can sometimes enter beach waters through runoff, accidental sewage spills, and failing septic systems. Beach managers need a fast way to check water quality — something UNC marine scientist Rachel Noble has patented a solution for.

Woman in Science: Nathalie Eegholm

March 13, 2019

UNC College of Arts & Sciences senior Nathalie Eegholm uses an ecological model designed to understand how dissolved oxygen varies seasonally and yearly to predict short-term oxygen conditions within the Neuse River Estuary of North Carolina.

Gone in a Generation

January 31, 2019

For the past month, UNC Institute of Marine Sciences researcher Rich Luettich worked with an investigative team from The Washington Post to help inform the “flood” section of this story, which also shares information on forests, fires, and fisheries.

Saving Scallops

January 28, 2019

Due to warming waters, scallops have struggled to exist in North Carolina’s bays and estuaries. But thanks to a new research study at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, scallops may have a new lease on life.

Why More Sharks Are a Good Thing

August 6, 2018

UNC marine scientists catch sharks of all sizes and varieties to help track the health of the predators that lurk in the mid-Atlantic and learn how they reflect the health of the ocean and its ecosystems.

Woman in Science: Rachel Noble

June 20, 2018

UNC Institute of Marine Sciences researcher Rachel Noble focuses on understanding the abundance and ecology of dangerous bacteria and viruses that are found in the ocean and within seafood.

Not Just Young Sharks, More Big Ones, Too

May 30, 2018

Institute of Marine Sciences PhD student Martin Benavides talks about his research surveying shark populations and a recent study from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on bull sharks.

The Blame Game: Hurricanes

May 24, 2018

Are hurricanes to blame for fishing dying and “dead zones” appearing on NC’s coast? UNC Institute of Marine Sciences’ Hans Paerl and researchers from NC State study such storms to learn how they shape the state’s coastal ecology.