Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity

Cost Sharing in External Funding

The OVCR contributes matching funds, or cost-share, for costs related to enhancing research at UNC. The OVCR will consider cost-share funding requests for the following:

  1. Extramural grant proposals that require matching funds
  2. New technologies that facilitate the advancement of research at the university
  3. Other specific needs that are of strategic importance to research for the university

Download Cost Sharing in External Funding form.

In order to strategically deploy funds that provide the greatest impact to the university’s research portfolio, cost-share requests will now be reviewed six times a year (every two-months). Requests received by the below deadlines will be considered based on the below criteria and notification of decision will be sent within 2-3 weeks after requests within each cycle are reviewed. Specific due dates are listed below:

CYCLE 1 October 31, 2018 Mid November 2018
CYCLE 2 January 4, 2019 Mid January 2019
CYCLE 3 February 28, 2019 Mid March 2019
CYCLE 4 April 30, 2019 Mid May 2019
CYCLE 5 June 28, 2019 Mid July 2019
CYCLE 6 August 30, 2019 Mid September 2019


When possible, reduce the cost-share request to the OVCR for the project as much as possible through in-kind contributions and matching funds from participating units to maximize the University’s ability to provide research support. The cost-share request for the project should be split among departments, deans offices, and, if applicable, other contributing units within the University (e.g. centers/institutes, offices). Matching commitments need to be obtained from department chair(s) and dean(s) and other relevant units with the appropriate approvals/signatures prior to submission of cost-share requests to the OVCR. OVCR will not provide funds greater that the contribution provided by participating units. Funding commitments will be considered by a committee and according to the below criteria.

Criteria for funding of cost-share requests:

  • Leverages external funds
  • Benefits multiple departments and schools
  • Avoids unnecessary duplication of resources
  • Matching funds are provided by participating units (e.g. departments and schools, center/institutes, offices)
  • Responsive to current university strategic priorities
  • Availability of funding

If the request for cost share is part of the limited submissions process, the cost share request form needs to be submitted to the Office of Research Development as part of the limited submissions package on or before the internal submission deadline. Please refer to the limited submissions call from the Office of Research Development for specific instructions on the submission of cost share requests for limited submissions.

Office of Research Development (ORD) Internal Grant Programs

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research provides research- and project-related small grant funding, administered by the UNC Office of Research Development. These internal grants programs currently are the:

Creativity Hubs are evolving virtual research networks that concentrate talent and resources on bold ideas for defined periods of time. Launched by the Vice Chancellor for Research in Fall 2017, Creativity Hubs Creativity Hubs will create an environment where investigators can leverage advances to keep Carolina at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Details about the 2018–19 Creativity Hubs competition have been announced here.

Arts & Humanities Research Grants

promote research in scholarly, creative, and artistic pursuits in the fine arts and humanities. The program aligns with the Chancellor’s Blue Print for Next strategic framework and the Vice Chancellor for Research’s university-wide pilot funding portfolio, advancing the University’s pre-eminence as a national and world-renowned leader in foundational research, creative practice, and the translation of research into social settings.

The program is co-funded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. Grants provide support to either individuals or teams pursuing scholarly, creative, and artistic research projects. Recipients are encouraged to position these awards as a stepping-stone toward extramural support.

The Arts & Humanities Research Grant awards range from $2,500 up to $7,500 for a one-year project. The inaugural competition closed on October 8, 2018 and applications are currently under review.

Complete application details, including eligibility requirements, submission instructions, and allowable costs may be found here.

ORD Publication Grants 

help pay the costs of publishing scientific, scholarly or artistic work (no textbooks). They can be used to pay for such things as photographs, drawings, figures or tables, permission to reprint or subvention charges.

The maximum Publication Grant level is $5,000 for a one year project. The Fall 2018 application cycle closed on October 22, 2018 deadline and applications are currently under review.

Complete application details, including eligibility requirements, submission instructions, and allowable costs may be found here.

If you have questions about this program or need additional information, please contact B. Gail Whitfield, Office of Research Development, 919-962-9333 or

updated 8/2018